Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring and New Thing(s)

I'm terrible at blogging, I admit it. Life has been crazy - but a good crazy! Jackson hit that magical three month mark a few weeks ago and has been a happy camper ever since. We've started him on rice cereal, which he loves, and he's doing well sleeping in his crib. He still wakes up for a middle of the night feeding, but hopefully he'll get over that sometime soon. He goes right back to sleep and usually sleeps until 7:30ish, so it's not terrible. Max is still the one that's up at 5:30am everyday - go figure! We've been doing our Spring Cleaning - I've cleaned out all of the closets in our house and let's just say that Goodwill has acquired a lot of clothes from the Fawley household between Mark and myself. Max and Jackson's clothes that don't fit/winter clothes went into storage just in case I lose my mind and ever decide to have another baby....which will 98% not happen. We're gearing up for the fence to be put up in our backyard the end of this month/early next month. I can't wait to take the boys outside to play and not have to chase Max down the street - it will be much more relaxing and fun! Mark and, I mean the Easter Bunny...are planning to get Max a trampoline we saw at Sam's Club for Easter. It's not a mini one, but it's a kid size one with the mesh sides - Max will love it in his newly fenced in backyard :) In other news, Jackson has learned to roll from his tummy to his back pretty good....and is working on back to tummy. He's babbling up a storm and is drooling like crazy. I'm pretty sure I'm seeing/feeling a tooth poking through on his bottom gums, too....I wouldn't be surprised, since Max got his first tooth around four months old. He's a smiling, happy baby :) Someday I will post the pictures on my camera for all to see my happy kids...but for now, I am far too busy/lazy. So, you'll just have to take my word for it! Moving on - starting next school year in the Fall, I will have a new teaching position! I have been chosen as the social studies teacher for the new South Bend New Tech High School opening this Fall! I'm super excited about this amazing opportunity! SBNTHS is not an alternative school, but it's cutting edge in the education world and focuses on using technology and collaborative learning for students in the classroom. The students will work in teams on a lot of group projects and use the computers on a daily basis as the foundation of the curriculum. I'll be going to some trainings very soon and will have more information to share then...but for right now, I'm geeked!

P.S. Mark and I are THISCLOSE to our Vegas vacay! Woohoo!

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